Mobile Remote Monitoring and Field Automation Application for access your critical production data, from anywhere in the world, on your mobile phone. ScadaVisor Mobile is the most advanced mobile SCADA app for remote monitoring and field automation in the Oil and Gas industry. Like ScadaVisor web, the mobile version of ScadaVisor is a web application that will run on any modern smartphone and is optimized for touch sensitive devices and to make accessing your critical production data fast and easy. The mobile app is also built on top of the powerful Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud platform which allows for infinite scalability and extreme reliability. ScadaVisor ScadaVisor Mobile does more than just simply offer raw production data to the user. ScadaVisor Mobile offers detailed reporting including customizable reports and detailed trending graphs. Our mobile app puts realtime production data at the fingertips of the personnel of midstream and upstream companies of all sizes. Realtime polling, which runs on our VisorBridge polling engine, allows users to pull realtime data directly from devices such as flow meters, compressors, tanks, artificial lift and more. Personnel can also run continuous realtime polling for a specified period of time; critical functionality to monitor newly installed field devices or well equipment that has just been serviced or installed. With ScadaVisor Mobile, midstream and upstream company personnel can manage their production operation from any modern smartphone and from anywhere in the world. ScadaVisor Mobile will work on all of your favorite mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. With the ScadaVisor package there are no additional fees for customers to access and take advantage of the additional features provided by ScadaVisor Mobile.

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